Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for hemodialysis patients by introducing healthier vascular access systems.


With over 2 million people around the world currently suffering from End Stage Renal Disease – defined as that level of kidney failure when kidney dialysis (hemodialysis) becomes mandatory or a transplant is required – the need for simple, reliable, and long lasting access to a patient’s blood stream has never been greater.

Given the serious complications – infection, thrombosis, and cost – associated  with existing methods of hemodialysis vascular access, The Circuport™ System with its revolutionary simplicity of design has the potential to offer patients a new lease on life.

The Circuport™ System provides a new direction in dialysis through a new mode  of access that works with the natural flow of blood in the body. 


**This is an investigational device and is not for sale in the United States.**